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Banksy Photo Safari

London 5 - 9 April, 2006

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6 April p.m.

CND Soldiers & Petrolhead - Parliament Square

After a bit of shopping I went down to Parliament Square where Banksy placed two large pictures with the more-or-less permanent anti-war demonstration. I wouldn't call them canvases as they seem rather flimsy, but they seem painted rather than sprayed and are on what looked like bed sheets (and probably are).

Banksy : CND Soldiers

Banksy : Petrolhead

Anti-war demonstration at Parliament Square

The Thames South Bank

Mortar Rats

I then passed over Westminster Bridge to the Thames South Bank where Banksy put up quite a few of his stencils.

First up and furtest south was two beautifully placed Mortar Rats stencils not far from each other and just opposite Houses of Parliament.

I don't believe that the divers shooting out was put there by Banksy, but who knows.

Banksy : Mortar Rats

Banksy : Mortar Rats & Houses of Parliament


This is not a photo opportunity

...of course it is!

Banksy : This is not a photo opportunity

White Line

I didn't follow this, but it's a long line. Hard to follow it sometimes but supposedly it ends somewhere down in Lambeth where there used to be a Snorting Copper. I found the beginning at least by Queen Elisabeth Hall(?).

Banksy : White Line

Rat With Saw, Gangsta Rat & Smiley Copper

These were all further north on South Bank and all a bit faded. There were supposed to be a "Buried Treasure" and an "Umbrella Rat", but they were gone. At least I couldn't find them.

Banksy : Rat With Saw

Banksy : Gangsta Rat

Banksy : Smiley Copper

Girl With Balloon

This is one of my favourite Banksys, but unfortunately it was gone. You can see what's left of it to the left in the picture and my faked reconstruction to the right.

It's (was) on the east foundation of Blackfriars Bridge.

Banksy : Girl With Balloon. Now: left,
Before : right

Waterloo Road. Under bridge. Big Rat head and "?"

Leaving South Bank, going south, this rat showed its ugly head. Under the bridge , Waterloo road. Big!

Banksy : Rat with "?"

Victoria Embankment : Paparazzi Rat

Northward heading, over Blackfriars Bridge, left on Victoria Embankment there was a Paparazzi Rat on an electric box.

Banksy : Paparazzi Rat

First Placard Rat

Going west there was this Placard Rat with Question Mark.

Banksy : Placard Rat with "?"

Same Placard Rat

...with the London Eye in the background.

Banksy : Banksy & London Eye

Still 6th of April. Banksy spotting done for the day.

<not in any way Banksy related>


Primal Scream @ London Astoria

That night I went to the Astoria and saw Primal Screm. A really good concert. But what made my day was that Mick Jones (from The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite, Carbon/Silicon) and Tony James (Generation X, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Carbon/Silicon) was there

With Clash as *the absolute* favourite band since 29 years, this was really cool. So I had a talk with Mick and bought him a beer. I could go on and on about how good the Clash were, but this is not what this is about.

</not in any way Banksy related>

Mick Jones (The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite, Carbon/Silicon) & HankPank : Primal Scream gig @ London Astoria 6 April 2006

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