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Banksy Photo Safari

London 5 - 9 April, 2006

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5 April

Between 5th & 9th of April 2006 I left Sweden for a vacation in London. As a fan of Banksy I had printed maps of Banksy's graffiti around London (if you follow the link you can login with "banksy" and you get directions and pictures) and was planning to look for them when I was in the neighbourhood.

Banksy Tag
Banksy : Tag

Happy Choppers on canvas, Lazarides Gallery

First stop on my Banksy hunt was Lazarides Gallery on Greek Street who have original art of different artists, among them Banksy. The prices, as I knew, was waaaaay out of my league, but it was really cool to see these.

Pictured here is "Happy Choppers", listed for £40.000 +VAT!!! But it's a lot of canvas for your money: 127x182 cm.


Banksy Happy Choppers
Banksy : Happy Choppers

Mona Lisa on canvas, Lazarides Gallery

Tucked away on the floor of the office was a "Mona Lisa", and to bring that home you only need £32.000 +VAT.

There was a lot of other cool art, so don't miss it even if you're skint.

"We aim to create an informal atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable viewing art or sheltering from the rain".

Banksy Mona Lisa
Banksy : Mona Lisa

6 April

Smiley Reaper/Ghost on Scrutton Street

The day after I had an appointment with Pictures On Walls (POW), Banksy's printmakers, so that I could extend my rather small Banksy collection.

Before I went to their office I located my first outdoor Banksy: a "Smiley Reaper/Ghost" just 20 metres from POW's door. It looked really great with the blue wall as background.

Banksy Smiley Reaper
Banksy : Smiley Reaper/Ghost

Happy Choppers on Holywell Row

And just round the corner from Scrutton Street there's a "Happy Chopper". A bit faded, but nice.

Banksy Happy Choppers
Banksy : Happy Choppers

Pictures On Walls / P.O.W.

At Pictures On Walls I bought three new Banksy prints. "Grin Reaper", "CND Soldiers" & a "Welcome to hell"-rat are now mine. Of course all the prints were much better-looking IRL, so I couldn't help myself and bought one of Jamie Hewlett "Stained Windows" and Faile's "Smoking Silence". Not £40.000, but still more than I could afford. Fuck it, it's only money.

Of course they had interesting things all around, so I asked if it was ok to photograph. Apart from everything else there was a poem by Banksy on wood (if I remember correctly) and a canvas of a fly with a gas mask high up by the ceiling.

"Only when the last tree
Has been cut down
And the last river
Has dried to a trickle
Will man finally realise
That we cannot eat money
And reciting old proverbs
Makes you sound like a twat"


Banksy Poem
Banksy : ? Poem ?

Banksy Fly with gas mask
Banksy : ? Fly with gas mask ?

Waiter Rats on Curtain Road

Now I really was inspired and started walking round Shoreditch. Next stop was "Waiter Rats" on the corner of Christina Street(?) and Curtain Road. Almost gone now, unfortunately. The red carpet is easily spotted, but the waiter rats are hardly visible

Banksy Waiter Rats
Banksy : Waiter Rats

Snorting Copper on Curtain Road

Snorting Copper is just a bit further north on Curtain Road. It's a great image with the white line going through an alley and down a drain on Charlotte Road.

Banksy Snorting Copper
Banksy : Snorting Copper

Banksy White Line
Banksy : White Line

Designated Picnic Areas on and around Curtain Road

• 1 Rivington Street

• 2 Curtain Road

• 3 Alley off Curtain Road

Banksy Designated Picnic Area
Banksy : Designated Picnic Area

Policeman With Poodle & His Masters Voice off Rivington Street

Just to the left of Cargo Clup on Rivington Street there's a wall with great paintings, not just Banksys.

The man and dog is still in good condition & the poodles red clown nose breaks me up.

The His Masters Voice is altered by someone else I think, but he's done a good job.

Banksy Policeman with poodle
Banksy : Policeman with poodle

Banksy His Masters Voice
Banksy : His Masters Voice

War On Art - Rivington Street

Is this Banksy? Feels & looks a bit like it and I also think it looks a bit like his handwriting. Anyone know?

This is also on Rivington Street just opposite Cargo Club

Banksy War On Art
Banksy(?) : War On Art

TV Out The Window & Giant Rat With Fork & Knife on a parking lot at X-ing Rivington Street and Old Street

The parking lot was guarded so I never got up close, but these are BIG! The TV looks really life-like and the rat looks really hungry.

But what about the red circle around the eye?

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Banksy TV Out The Window
Banksy : TV Out The Window

Banksy Giant Rat With Fork & Knife
Banksy : Giant Rat With Fork & Knife


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